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Applyful is a free platform for college applicants and their supporters to discover, organize and share information. Students are enabled to save everything into a beautiful interface, organized by school or topic, while getting feedback from their trusted network all in one place. Teachers, parents and counselors use Applyful to manage communications, track deadlines, assign tasks and build lists for their applicants.

Connect EDUCareer Village
Career Connect – ConnectEDU & CareerVillage

CareerConnect is a Facebook application that lets high school students get the answer to any question about any career from a real working professional. Just ask your question and start getting advice you can use to decide what to do about school, after school, summer activities, college, and more. Over 95% of questions get answered, often multiple times, so start today! The app is a partnership between and ConnectEDU, and educator support is available.

Beyond 12

MyCoach – Beyond 12

Beyond 12 is a technology-based service organization dedicated to increasing the number of underserved students who graduate from college. Our new app – MyCoach – will provide college students with automated alerts delivered to their mobile devices and Facebook accounts to help them keep track of key deadlines. Students will be rewarded, in the form of badges, for completion and mastery of certain tasks and skills, and will be able to share their successes, challenges and key lessons learned with their support network and peers. Ultimately, MyCoach will bridge the “information gap” and help students master the activities, behaviors and habits that increase their success in college – and beyond.

College Abacus

College Abacus

College Abacus is the free, one-stop search for comparing higher education pricing. Though a college education is the most expensive purchase most families make, its true cost often remains a mystery until students have applied and received acceptance letters from a small set of schools. removes the mystery by offering students access to individualized financial aid estimates, direct from schools, before they apply to college.

College Connect

College Connect – MSU, U-M, Oxford Internet Institute

College Connect will provide high school students with a compelling visualization of their Facebook network. By identifying individuals likely to be valuable resources of college-related information and scaffolding the process of information-seeking, College Connect will be especially useful for first generation students as they build social capital around the college-going process. The app will be developed and evaluated by Bernie Hogan (Oxford Internet Institute), Christine Greenhow (Michigan State University), and Nicole Ellison (University of Michigan).


CollegeGO – The College Board

College Go! for Android was created by the College Board, in partnership with community based organizations, to help improve college access for underserved students. The app presents 25 steps for lower-income, first-generation students to take in order to find, apply to and attend the right college for them. With a step-by-step, interactive interface, the app uses game, video, and search features to help students plan their college journey. Users can even share their progress on Facebook.


CollegeZen – The College People is a community centered web application that simplifies the college search, decision, and funding process while enhancing the experience for prospective students and parents.  CollegeZen supports the belief that there is a perfect college for every student.

Nuvana10,000 Degreese
KRED – Nuvana & 10,000 Degrees

Developed by 10,000 Degrees and Nuvana, this app will employ a socially networked gaming framework to deliver proven college success curriculum to low-income students and their families. With the vision to leverage peer networks and project based learning with the draw and rewards of a game, and to bridge information and action so that all students have access to the information and support they need to access and succeed in higher education.


FAFSA Community – NerdScholar

NerdScholar’s FAFSA Community is a comprehensive resource that helps students fill out the FAFSA and apply for financial aid.  This three-part tool includes a FAFSA completion guide for students with unusual family circumstances, a tutorial that provides step-by-step guidance while students fill out the FAFSA, and a FAQ where students can get answers for their remaining questions.  NerdScholar has a suite of tools that empower students to achieve their college goals.


FastForward – Unigo

FastForward helps high school students, community college students and any college student struggling with their future plans to fast forward themselves into potential careers in the future, and the paths they may take to get there.  Using a Facebook-like timeline as a starting point for exploration, discovery and planning of careers, FastForward helps users visualize potential career paths; provides a searchable data base of careers; and provides resources for taking action. Unigo adds FastForward to its growing collection of tools,, one of the largest college resources on the web.


Get To and Through College With WOOP – New York University

The WOOP app uses a cognitive strategy called Wish Outcome Obstacle Plan or WOOP to help students achieve the goal of attending and graduating from high school and college. The app will take teenagers’ existing attitudes conducive to behavior change and provide an interactive framework for overcoming obstacles. By generating personalized action strategies, the app’s content will help teens to navigate the transition from high school to college, and provide support so they succeed in college.


GradGuru – GradGears

GradGears’ mission is to increase completion rates among community college students and accelerate their path to completion. We build student-centered products that increase retention, reduce drop-out rates, and accelerate students’ academic success. Our first product is GradGuru, your community college advisor in your pocket. Through earning badges, GradBadge helps enrolled community college students more easily understand and learn from their peers what behaviors lead to faster completion.

I'm First

I’m First – Center for Student Opportunity

I’m First, the newest initiative of nonprofit Center for Student Opportunity, is an online community for first-generation college students and their supporters. We’re collecting stories from first-generation college students and graduates that inspire and offer advice to the next generation of students who will be first.  In addition, we’re helping aspiring first-generation college students research colleges, find answers to their questions about college, and follow the steps necessary to make it to and through college.


Mission Control Center – Logrado

Logrado is a social-mobile guidance system to support students in accessing, persisting in and completing college.  From the web or a mobile device, students can easily access interactive missions that guide them through critical steps for college success.  The Logrado platform also connects students with classmates and mentors via Facebook, creating an environment for collaboration and peer-to-peer support.  Logrado enables schools and college access programs to improve the quality and scale of guidance, communication and individualized support for low-income and first-generation students.


PossibilityU – Cambium Enterprises

PossibilityU does for college search what Pandora did for music, Good Reads did for books and Amazon did for…well, everything else. PossibilityU harnesses the power of college data, smart algorithms and personalization to simplify search, improve results and make meaningful recommendations across more than 4,000 colleges in the US. Let us help you find the colleges that fit – academically, socially and financially.


Raise – Raise Labs

Raise Labs is rethinking how college scholarships are accessed and distributed, particularly for low-income and first-generation college students. The Raise platform enables high school students to earn “micro-scholarships” towards college starting in 9th grade based on their individual achievements and progress towards graduation. Raise helps students pursue their college ambitions with confidence and adds transparency to the scholarships process.

Tractus Insight

Tractus Insight – Tractus Education

Find the best colleges for you. Build the perfect college application list. Protect your College Search Footprint.  Tractus Insight is a new college search tool with features that guide you through the process like a professional counselor would. Unlike other college search sites, we do not sell or share information about you to colleges or marketers. This gives you greater control over what information colleges have when you apply. It’s also 100% advertising free, which makes your college search more efficient and enjoyable. We offer a 7-day free trial for everyone, and full-access fee waivers to students with financial need. Get started at

Transfer Bootcamp

Transfer Bootcamp – The Melville Institute

Transfer Bootcamp is transfer planner for community college students seeking to transfer to a four-year university. We build a plan for each student to help them identify their unique goals, graduate from community college on time, select the right courses for transfer and to better understand their financial aid options. Transfer Bootcamp will eliminate the confusion of community college transfer and make higher-education accessible for millions of students.

Roadtrip Nation

What’s Your Road – Roadtrip Nation

Through What’s Your Road?, Roadtrip Nation seeks to build the world’s largest database of stories documenting how successful individuals built livelihoods around their interests. The game-like experience prompts professionals to answer questions about their life journeys, generating a profile of advice for students to explore as they begin career planning. Conversely, students answer self-assessment questions about their interests and attributes, and are matched with like-minded professionals. Students search the profiles of professionals in industries that interest them, gaining insight on making their aspirations a reality.

Zombie College

Zombie College – Get Schooled

Get Schooled is a non-profit that engages and motivates students using the media, technology and popular culture integral to their lives. It has designed Zombie College, an app that will be as entertaining as it is educational. The game has a low barrier to entry – no complex instructions – and is played in short bursts. The twist? The Zombie College game map is the college going map. Students will continually play the game because it is an “addicting game”, while internalizing the key steps to go to college.